plein air painting supplies for 2018

Round Sables or Synthetics also called "White Sables"; #6, #8, #12, or #14. Robert Simmons Series #785 and Winsor and Newton Sceptre Series #101 are good. Flats: Winsor and Newton #965 excellent, 1" (1 1/2", 2") Rigger; #6, Winsor and Newton Series #860 or Robert Simmons #750. I use Winsor & Newton Series 7, #9, Isabey Kolinsky #8. The R. Simmons series gives very good results and is less expensive. Cheap Joe’s and Daniel Smith each have very good kolinsky rounds, I also use CJAS Dragon’s Tongue, #8, #12.

Arches watercolor paper, 140 Cold Pressed (CP) good for outside work. (I also use 300lb and Rough.) Imperial size 22"x30" can be divided into 1/4 sheets or 1/2 sheets. I usually use _ sheets for outside. I make a “pad” of paper using 1/6 sheets about 10”x11” taped down on one side to a cut down piece of 12”x16” canvas board, to about 12”x10.75. ” Holds about 20 sheets. I mix up the paper, mostly, cold pressed and rough.

Robert E. Wood (with deep wells) or John Pike palette. I use Wood palette daily and Holbein folding palette for travel.

Winsor and Newton Artists' Watercolors, Holbein, Daniel Smith, Da Vinci

current palette:
Cadmium Yellow Pale
Winsor Yellow
Permanent Rose
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Scarlet
Manganese Blue Nova H
Blue Nova
Cobalt Blue
French Ultramarine Blue
Antwerp Blue
Quinacridone Gold
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Aureolin Yellow
Quinacridone Gold
Quinacridone Burnt Orange

occasional use:
Quinacridone Sienna
Cobalt Turquoise
Winsor Blue (GS)
Winsor Green
Cobalt Violet
Sap Green

Your choice: Aqua Bee #808 9x12 or any similar. Smaller spiral easier for travel.

watercolor paper support
Gatorboard cut to fit 1/4 and 1/2 sheets.

Masking tape (artist's tape) or staples for gator board (regular stapler, not staple gun), spray bottle (empty hairspray is good), water container, soft pencils (4B, 6B), eraser (white Factis, soft), Kleenex, single-edged razor blade, natural "silk" sponge, "elephant ear" sponge, and a hairdryer are helpful.

I use a Julian Half Box. Lighter versions, such as the Italian Portable Easel, Daniel Smith or Cheap Joe’s, are fine.

field box
I carry a small folding portable palette for table sitting, i.e., in a café.

portable stool
Bring what you have if you like. The Alvin Portable Stool in Daniel Smith is similar to one I have from L.L Bean.

I have a small folding umbrella that is designed to attach to a beach chair. I attach it to my easel to give shade to my painting, but my favorite is to find a shady spot.



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